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Photo Gallery

Women of the River

This photo album was inspired by a temporary exhibit, “A Woman’s River” which was on display at the Cascapedia River Museum during the 2011 season. This exhibit served as a tribute to all of the Women who both lived and worked on the Grand Cascapedia River and all of the women who visited and fished on it.

The private fishing camps on the river are staffed with guides (predominantly male) who take visiting guests out fishing and household staff (almost exclusively female) who keep the camps clean, cook, serve the meals, do the laundry and tend the gardens so that visiting anglers can have a carefree and restful stay in beautiful surroundings. Both guides and household staff work long hours during the season and many of them remain at the camps sleeping in staff quarters for a week or more at a time.

There are many other women connected to the Grand Cascapedia River who come to visit during the season and fish the waters. Princess Louise, the daughter of Queen Victoria, is a fascinating woman who enjoyed spending time on the Cascapedia – there is a photo album detailing some of her story on the site. Amy Guest is another strong female personality tied to the Cascapedia River. She was responsible for saving the Cascapedia Club during the depression and as such single handedly preserved the character of the Grand Cascapedia River as we know it today. She was a very independent woman with a strong personality. She bought New Dereen and for years leased and reserved almost 8 miles of water on the river for herself. Scroll through the photographs below to learn about some of the other women of the river.