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Photo Gallery

Princess Louise

Princess Louise Caroline Alberta was born at Buckingham palace on March 18th, 1848. She was the sixth of nine children born to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. The children were taught domestics skills and they were encouraged to develop their artistic skills. When Princess Louise was thirteen years old Father Prince Albert passed away. She had little contact with other young people and was denied many of the privileges which normally would have been her right. Queen Victoria put together a list of possible prospects but the Princess wanted to choose her own husband. Princess Louise made the decision to marry John Sutherland Campbell, the Marquis of Lorne. Lord Lorne and the Princess got married on March 21st, 1871. Princess Louise came to the river in 1879 on a fishing excursion with her husband. In June 1880, they made their way back to the river. Lord Lorne and Princess Louise were interested in nature and both were fond of sketching the landscape along the Grand Cascapedia River. She was happy during her stay on the river and found peace the in the forest. Princess Louise worked to provide women and children with a better education and health care facilities. Louise died on December 3, 1939 at the age of 91. She was a woman of substance.