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  • The Cascapedia River Museum
  • The Grand Cascapedia
  • The Grand Cascapedia
  • The Grand CascapediaPhoto courtesy of Jean MacWhirter Bujold
  • The Grand Cascapedia River
The Cascapedia River Museum1 The Grand Cascapedia2 The Grand Cascapedia3 The Grand Cascapedia4 The Grand Cascapedia River5


Welcome to the Cascapedia River Museum. The Cascapedia River flows quietly through the village of Cascapedia-St Jules. If it could talk, it would tell a thousand tales about the lives of the people who lived along its banks and about those who came to experience salmon fishing in its waters. It would recount the local folklore about men who lost their lives in log drives or farmers who had to start again after flood waters receded from their fields. It would tell a story about the largest salmon taken from its waters, or about a Princess who cast her flies in fish filled waters and painted its natural beauty. It would acquaint us with the rich and the famous who escaped their busy lives to find a sense of peace and balance in the hidden forests of the Cascapedia Valley. It would tell of the anglers who returned to their favourite fishing pools so that they could fill up on enough fishing stories to last another year.

These salmon anglers came not only for the bountiful yield of Atlantic salmon, but also to share in the warmth and hospitality of the village and its way of life. The history of the Cascapedia River involves a mix of cultures that shared the river and created a distinct multicultural community. The Cascapedia River knows that it would be just another stream if it had not been for the love of the local people and the anglers who cast their fishing lines across its waters and its history.

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