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Photo Gallery

Forestry & Logging on the River

Logging in the 1700’s was a very important activity that was exploited on the Grand Cascapedia River. There were two saw mills here in Cascapedia-St-Jules. At the time there were three Sawmills, the Montgomery Sawmill, the Starrack Sawmill and the Nadeau Sawmill. Logging on the Grand Cascapedia River became a means of survival for the small community. The surrounding forests provided the natural resources. The lumbermen had to divide their time between farming and working in the woods. From early November until Easter, they cut and hauled logs in the forest and many did not make the long journey home for Christmas. In the spring the men returned home with the log drive, to work all summer in the fields or at the Sawmill. When they would return with the log drive the fishing season had started and most of the time there were anglers in canoes while the logs were passing by them. At the mouth of the river there were what we call booms. The booms are nets that stop the logs from going out to sea.