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  • The Cascapedia River Museum
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  • The Grand Cascapedia
  • The Grand CascapediaPhoto courtesy of Jean MacWhirter Bujold
  • The Grand Cascapedia River
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Artwork of the Cascapedia

Greg Ames

Greg Ames’ website, The Artist Angler, states that:

“Greg Ames’ paintings are a combination of his love of art and his enthusiasm for fly fishing. Greg Ames has been painting in acrylics and watercolor for over 30 years. For most of that period his work was landscape based on his home in southern New England and his various hiking and canoeing adventures. In the last few years he has decided to focus on painting the fly-fishing he loves, whether salt water fly fishing along the Rhode Island shoreline, trout fishing inland, or Atlantic salmon fishing on the Gaspe peninsula of Quebec.

Though never formally trained, Greg learned from a combination of private art lessons, much practice, and a study of art history. A major influence has been his artist and art educator wife, Jan Ames. They continue to inspire, critique, and learn from each other. Jan has shared with Greg her love of art history. Favorite artists who have influenced Greg’s work include Winslow Homer, John Singer Sargent, Willard Metcalf, John Twatchman, and other Connecticut impressionists.

Greg lives along the southern Rhode Island coast. He is an avid saltwater fisherman and a member of a small tight knit community of false albacore addicts in Southern New England. Other months finds him fishing the estuaries for stripers, canoeing the salt ponds during the worm hatch, or chasing blue-fin tuna offshore.

Greg has always had a deep affection for the north woods, imbued at an early age from vacations and adventures in northern Maine. This morphed into a hobby of wilderness white water canoe trips, including a number of extended trips on various rivers into Ontario’s James Bay wilderness. The emotional appreciation for the Northern forest fused with his fly fishing as he discovered Atlantic salmon fishing. The Gaspe terrain, the natural beauty, the noble fish, the fancy flies, and the long tradition are all elements of the experience.”