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Photo Gallery

The River in Flood

Over the past century there have been numerous floods in the Cascapedia Valley. Some of these floods have had detrimental effects on the local population, the camps along the river, and the pools in which the salmon rest while making their way up river to their eventual spawning grounds. Most of the camps are situated in close proximity to the river's edge and cribs were built to protect the land and the buildings from the raging waters of the spring run off. Ensuing floods undermined the cribs, leaving the properties vulnerable. Some of the camps have been deeply affected by these waters, their buildings damaged and at times completely washed away. Camps have been rebuilt to be demolished again by the power of the river and then eventually moved to areas along the river which afforded better natural protection.

When heavy rains fall during the spring melt, the power of the river has washed away the town’s bridge and roads leaving them impassable until the water recede and repairs can be completed.

During the great floods, the course of the river can change, the force of the water making new paths, sometimes creating new deep pools for the salmon to rest in while filling in others with rocks and sand.