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  • The Grand Cascapedia
  • The Grand CascapediaPhoto courtesy of Jean MacWhirter Bujold
  • The Grand Cascapedia River
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Artwork of the Cascapedia

Pierre Lutz

Pierre Lutz was a gifted artist. He was first invited to fish on the Cascapedia River at Lorne Cottage by Sophie Craighead in 1975. To repay his host, Lutz painted several paintings for the Engelhard family. After the first visit, Lutz began to return to the Cascapedia River regularly to fish and paint. Besides Lorne Cottage, he also stayed at Tracadie, Three Islands, and Salmon Lodge. With each visit he painted additional landscapes. In 1978, Lutz caught the largest salmon of his career, a 38 lbs. fish at Big Jack Pool.