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Photo Gallery

The Rich and the Famous

The Grand Cascapedia River and its record salmon have attracted many famous and well known individuals including politicians, sportsmen, athletes, artists, performers (actors/entertainers), and musicians. For many years the river and its fishing rights were bestowed on Canada’s Governor Generals during the 19th century. For more information on the various Governor Generals who have fished on the river browse through the Governor Generals photo album. Other politicians including Jean Chretien, former Canadian Prime Minster, and two American Presidents (Chester Allen Arthur and Jimmy Carter), have also visited the river. Jean Chretien came to the river in the 1970s many years before he served as Prime Minister of Canada between 1993 and 2003. Chretien stayed at Lorne Cottage while fishing on the river. When former President Jimmy Carter came in the 1994 season to fish on the river he and his wife travelled with twelve secret service agents. They stayed at Sonny Rainville’s camp for a week and both the former President and his wife caught large salmon during their stay (27 pounds and 25 pounds respectively).

A number of celebrated athletes have traveled to the Grand Cascapedia to fish including legendary hockey player Bobby Orr, Hockey Hall of Fame goal tender Ken Dryden, and Stéphane Richer. Bobby Orr returned to fish on the Cascapedia several times generally staying at Middle Camp. A 45 pound salmon was his record catch. Ken Dryden and Stéphane Richer both fished on the Cascapedia during the 2012 season.

Notable individuals of a more artistic temperament have also been drawn to the Grand Cascapedia River for its beauty and the fishing it affords. Peter Corbin a renowned artist has painted many hauntingly beautiful scenes of the river and the anglers who call it home. Fashion Designer icon Oscar de la Renta has also returned to enjoy many seasons fishing on the river with his wife Annette.

Singer / entertainer Bing Crosby enjoyed several days fishing and hunting along the river. He stayed at New Dereen Camp during the 1949 season and was proud to land a 33 pound salmon during his visit. Actor Christopher Lawford also fished on the river.